MASSCONN is an organization that prides itself on player development. We are focused on providing an atmosphere for each player to thrive in. Throughout our organization we will practice at a high level with great pace and attention to detail. We play against the top competition which drives our players to be their best.  Players will be afforded skills sessions separate from practice, and our goalies will have two monthly clinics ran by CT Crease. Player Development is the focus at MASSCONN and we believe with that mentality our players will maximize their potential and the results on the scoreboard will follow.


MASSCONN has a deep history of preparing players for the next level of hockey. If you look now at our team rankings at each level our teams rank in the top 50 in the country with only one team being outside of that. As an entire organization, we are ranked in the top 25 in the country!! We don’t just say we develop players we actually do.


MASSCONN is an elite organization and was founded by Gary Dineen as just that. We believe in the structure that exists here, we believe in creating an atmosphere where kids can have fun and learn, we believe that with the kids competing at the high levels our league demands will only make them a better player. MASSCONN is undoubtedly for all players that want to take their game to the next level in a fun and competitive environment.


MASSCONN is building an Elite Hockey Organization built on a foundation of hard work, respect and sportsmanship.   We take enormous pride in the boys and girls that have chosen to represent our club and in return for their commitment to us, we are committed to giving them the best experience possible.

MASSCONN players have access to the best coaches and skill clinics possible along with the best uniform and equipment package in the league.   Our players are given off-season and in-season dryland fitness instruction through our arrangement with Rob Livingstone Strength in the form a mobile fitness app that is personalized to their respective age group and are progressive in nature allowing each player to develop over the course of the program.

Our Goalies are all given generous tuition discounts along with access to two (2) monthly Goalie Only clinics.  These clinics are run with a 1:3 coach to goalie ratio with a focus on player development.

The organization pays attention to every detail as is visible in how the locker rooms were staged for each team's first training season with their new MASSCON Swag.   The goal was to make each and every player feel like they are a part of the Elite Organization we are building.

Each coach goes through a rigorous interview process to make sure they are the right fit for the organization and its players.   Access to skill development clinics are made available when ever possible as well.

We expect a great season and a bright future for all of our boys and girls teams for this year and for years to come.